My Entrepreneurial Principles

Intro — why write about this?


1.0 There should be no excuses

1.1 You’re not in Kansas anymore.

1.3 9/10 startups fail — the odds are against you

1.4 It’s dangerous to go alone!


2.1 Plans are useless so make sure you write one

2.2 A solution needs a problem.

2.3 Build it, and they will come (but probably not)

2.4 Markets don’t have morals

2.5 Your idea should elicit a hell yes, or a hell no from people

2.6 Talk about your idea


3.1 The team is the most important thing

3.2 Know who you are, so you can partner up with who you’re not

3.3 To get a good culture you have to build a foundation

3.4 Vulnerability + Transparency = Success

3.5 Being honest isn’t the same as being an asshole

3.6 Meaning is the new black

3.7 It’s your job to lead — the best way to lead is not to suck


4.0 Capital is a means not an end

4.1 Honesty goes further than deceit

4.2 Find investors who can put their mouth where their money is. Yeah, you read that right.

4.3 Too much is better than too little…

4.4 … But resourcefulness is worth more than resources


4.5 Your brand is what your customers say it is

4.6 Branding is in everything you do

4.7 Traction should be 50% of everything you do

4.8 Avoid marketing Stockholm syndrome

4.9.1 It’s better to be first than the best…

4.9.2 … If you can’t be first, change your niche until you are

4.9.3 Being first doesn’t happen in the real world

4.9.1 Who, what and why?


5.1 Find how you contribute the most, and fight for the time to do so

5.2 Workaholism is ineffectiveness uglier sister

5.3 It takes time. Only outliers grow fast.

5.4 When it’s going well it’s only count-down till it’s going shit again

5.5 All advice is good. The first statement is bad advice.

5.6 Do your f*cking job (DYFJ)

5.7 Observe, orient, decide & act

5.8 Do something till you can’t, then delegate. If you can’t delegate, hire.

5.9 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


6.0 Successful people quit (otherwise they’d all still try to be batman)

6.1 Luck


Game entrepreneur and business knucklehead. Stoicism is my day-to-day operating system. I write to refine and better understand my thoughts.

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Axl S. Anderson

Axl S. Anderson

Game entrepreneur and business knucklehead. Stoicism is my day-to-day operating system. I write to refine and better understand my thoughts.

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